Deep Tissue Massage (Rolfing) with Natalie Rodrigues

Deep Tissue Massage (Rolfing or structural integration) is a system of deep muscular massage that has been developed by a biochemist and physiologist name Ida Rolf. During the many years that she has been examining muscle tissue and cell structure Dr. Rolf came to notice that physical and emotional traumas seem to tighten and rigidify the muscular and fascial tissues of the body. When this happens, the body tends to move out of a state of natural alignment and vitality and into a condition of overall inflexibility and gravitational imbalance. In addition, the continual stiffening of the body also serves to limit the range of emotional flexibility of which the body is capable.

In Deep Tissue Massage (Rolfing) the therapist massages the body in order to free up muscles and fascia and to allow the body to assume a more fully integrated posture. By releasing chronically held traumas of a lifetime and reconnecting the natural flows and balance. Deep Tissue Massage (Rolfing) seeks to increase health and vitality, alleviating stress and tension, and encouraging growth and openness on all levels.

What is a typical session like?
A typical session lasts 1.5 hours. A 1 hour session can be booked although it usually means only half the body can be completed (for example the back of the body or the front). An initial consultation takes 5-15 minutes in which the therapist looks at the body holistically to determine the aim of treatment. The client is in a warm room, lying down in a comfortable position. Open communication between the client and praticioner is strongly encouraged. The massage can be deeply relaxing on some areas and painful in others-depending on where there is blockage. Working with the breath allows tensions to release and let the body move freely again. The massage can move the body into its natural alignment and enable the body to be flexible again by releasing tensions close to bone, connective tissue and energy lines.

Deep Tissue Massage Prices ()
1 hour35
1.5 hours45

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